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Our Firm


Our Philosophy

Planning is the key to achieving your goals. The simple truth is that the sooner you begin, the more likely you are to achieve your goals. Our objective at Weitz Financial Group is to help you create a comprehensive employee benefit package, accumulate funds, minimize taxes, and protect your income and estate with the insurance and financial products we offer, so that money is available when needed.


Our Approach

The staff at Weitz Financial Group is focused on client service and always works to put the client's needs first. We listen carefully to determine the client's spoken and unspoken requirements. We always make sure the client is comfortable and fully understands their options so they can make wise decisions. We understand that what we do can be overwhelming for some, so we always take time to explain things so our clients can make educated decisions. We try hard every day to build trust with our clients and do everything to foster that trust to continually help it grow. We listen carefully to our clients' wants, needs, and desires, and we periodically review their plans to determine if they still meet their current needs and goals.


Our Clients

We specialize in working with closely-held businesses in and around the Washington, D.C. area. We work with companies of all sizes, and serve your employee benefit needs. We also work with company owners and executives to do comprehensive financial planning and wealth management services, and have extensive experience with estate conservation, income tax reduction, asset protection, and retirement planning.